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Air heater for LaserSense equipment. It makes it possible to protect cold stores, cold rooms, freezing rooms or other facilities where the air drawn in by the LaserSense detector is at a temperature below -5 ° C. The heater must be installed outside the cold room, sandwiched between the pipe network installed in the place where detection and the LaserSense aspiration detector itself are required. The function of the heater will be to raise the temperature of the air drawn in, so that it can be treated by the detector without influencing the possible samples of smoke drawn into the chamber to be protected. The heater consists of up to 4 pipe inlets, which must be equipped with the FHSD8586 adapters (not included) and 2 pipe outputs, which will be connected directly to the aspiration detector and which must be equipped with the FHSD8590 adapters (not included). 220V power supply. Consumption: 1.1 A. Dimensions: 172 x 300 x 212 mm.

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