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ZKTime Enterprise incorporates new utilities and functionalities to the presence control, making its handling easier and attending to a greater range of specific cases. It captures, pairing signings and closing the day automatically, notifying us of odd signings or days with some special case, facilitating and speeding up the presence management work. It will allow us to automatically control all the entrances and exits of each employee, as well as the incidents that are occurring or (breakfast, food, doctor, own affairs, late working hours, etc.). It allows to divide the hours worked by different concepts (normal, extra, night, etc.) and taking an economic assessment of them. It includes an access control section, where you can define the different hours and days of access for each employee. It incorporates private calendar and personal profile. You can check your data via web. It allows to store the fingerprints and faces of the employees for recognition in the biometric terminals. Import of employees from CSV. Supports day, night, rotating and flexible schedules. It allows costs and valuations for schedules made, mandatory presence times, periods of validity of incidents and support for schedules of more than 24 hours. There is the possibility of forcing schedules for certain days or marking the expected schedule. You can define public calendars and customize them later for each employee. It admits days with hourly variations or incidents (vacations, leave, trips, etc.). Controls input, output and mixed incidents, choosing whether or not to count as time worked. Exit incidents can also be made extendable to later days. It is possible to list people who exceed the time or times allowed for an incident. It admits roundings of signings, interruptions and automatic incidents. It allows defining costs by number of hours or time slots. Handles different cost concepts: normal hours, overtime, holidays, etc. The costs can be compensated with respect to a predetermined amount of time or standard hours of the worker. Bag balance control allowed. Simplify the reporting system, making it faster and allowing for more customization. You can add more columns to the reports and you can perform custom calculations using formulas. Export to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and ASCII text. Send data by email. Multi-company and multi-user architecture. Improved backup system, with support to make a complete or partial copy and configure different backups in different periods of time. It allows you to copy, restore and import user data stored in the terminals. Import signings from USB. Allows you to set the siren touches according to the day of the week. Supported databases: MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle (Oracle in development). Multi-language: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Croatian. In a Server-Client type architecture, the price of the Client position license is the same as that of the ZKTime Enterprise server license.

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