Tower 20 AM PG2

Tower 20 AM PG2

PIR volumetric detector for exterior via radio

12m / 90º coverage


Grade 2


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The TOWER-20AM PG2 is an innovative outdoor wireless PIR detector with mirror lens. 12m / 90º coverage. Visonic Octa-Quad TM revolutionary system, which uses eight Quad PIR sensors, allow to determine with precision and reliability if an alarm is real. A robust housing and anti-masking protection provide high resistance to vandalism and masking. The TOWER-20AM PG2 detector is compatible with the Visonic V16 PowerMaster 10 and 30 systems, offering a complete solution for the protection of the house, inside and out. Anti vandalism design. Black mirror optics that provide exceptional immunity to false alarms from sunlight and car headlights. Configured from the panel or remotely, there are no hardware switches and no need to reopen the detector once closed. It employs advanced AES-128 encryption algorithm for message identification. Two-way PowerG protocol, Frequency Hopping-Spread Spectrum and TDMA technology provide the robustness and reliability similar to that of a wired detector. Mounting height from 1.5 to 3 m. It works with 2 lithium batteries of 3 V type CR123A. 3 years of battery life with normal use. Optional AC power. Front and rear tamper. Optional brackets for wall, corner and ceiling. Operating temperature: -35 to +60 ºC. Dimensions: 157 x 147 x 124 mm.

Product Details

Approval grade
Grade 2 (domestic and connected businesses)
Tower 20 AM PG2


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