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The FD 8040 Optical Flame Fire Detector is designed to provide early warning of a fire condition in response to an open flame. The fire detector reacts within the light spectrum of the flame and has the highest sensitivity in the infrared range. The principle of operation is based on the reception of flame emissions with their typical flicker frequency within the entire spectrum range. The signal from the infrared sensor, amplified, filtered and molded, is sent to the time delay circuit. If the impact of the flame has subsided during the delay time, the fire detector will not activate. The fire detector consists of a printed plate, mounted in a plastic body with optical filter and bottom side. The flat point pivot screw (optional) prevents the fire detector from being removed without authorization. A 2mm tip screwdriver is required to lock and unlock. The two red LEDs on the fire detector indicate the condition of the fire, providing 360-angle visibility. Fire detectors are recommended to be mounted in premises, where the possible development of a fire condition is supplemented by a flame. Avoid riding in places with flashing lights. Fire detectors must be mounted on the ceiling in such a way that they do not allow them to explode in direct sunlight.

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